A Sample of Magalhana

I have been very busy lately, not having time for much outside my family and my mundane job as a tech writer. But I work every now and then om my novel. I am catching snippets of the moods, smells, light of Magalhana almost every day. Here is a small sample.

I headed for the tall terracotta-coloured caravanserai through an uneven alley lined with ramshackle cottages made of wood and corrugated sheet-metal and with mongrel dogs guarding the entrances. Dark women in colourful skirts and blouses sat in groups here and there, doing household chores while watching toddlers and chatting. Their husbands should be elsewhere in Degauer Satna, working in inns, stables and garages for transients like me. The ladies scrutinized me, a pale-skinned woman wearing plus-fours and a man’s hat; to them I must be an odd-looking female erþīn – “a stranger from beyond the waves”.

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