Gondica + The Three Musketeers

The current clockpunk movie version of the Three Musketeers (unusually little connection to the original story) demonstrate a lot of the flavor I have put into my fantasy world Gondica — the world of the Gondica role-playing game from the late 1990s and the Spiran och staven (The Scepter and the Quarterstaff) novel I published this autumn. Almost all of tricks and treats you see in this Youtube clip would fit nicely into a plot taking place in Gradyestad, the Empress’s capital.

The game has a consistent swashbuckling atmosphere and a penchant for conspiratorial plots. The novel is grimmer, with fewer jokes, but still full of strange mechanurgic (“alchemical”) devices that match the movie well. The movie’s presentation of “James Bond”-ish Athos, Porthos, Aramis and Milady make them resemble high-powered Gondican characters: a mechanurgy-powered spy, a skilled fighter, a dan-shi mystic, and an Imperial courtesan-assassin.

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