The Year Is 1896 and the Place Is … Mars

In 1989, the now defunct American game publisher GDW produced an odd role-playing game called Space 1889. A mix of ideas from Jules Verne, HG Wells, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Leigh Brackett and Percival Lowell: Earth-built ethercraft exploring the solar system, whose planets are as they should be in classic adventure fiction, that is Mars with canals and decaying civilizations, Venus with jungles, etcetera.

During the 1990s my game group ran on and off a lengthy campaign taking the adventurers to odd corners of the solar system, including a Doyle-ish London, an Oscarian Stockholm and a Tolstoyan Odessa. It was the most amusing RPG experience the gang has ever had. But when my kids started to arrive around the turn of the millennium, my priorities changed, I ceased to be gamemaster and the campaign went into limbo.

This December it has been resurrected. It is currently 10 November 1896 and the Czar’s cousin Grand Duchess Alexandra Ivanovna arrives at the Red Planet. Duke Gorklimskii (Иван Карлович Горклимский), Russian resident-commissioner in the occupied city of Gorklimsk, hosts a splendid reception for his distant relative. Old enemies lurk in nearby cities and we fear that the rabble-rouser Madwaan will ignite another Martian revolt against the hated Earthmen. This promises to be an exciting winter.

6 thoughts on “The Year Is 1896 and the Place Is … Mars

  1. 1. Mechanical assassination spiders.
    2. Foul Martian cultists pursuing biological and chemical anti-human terrorism from the catacombs under Gorklimsk.

    Yes, this story arc starts quite nicely.

  2. Oh memories….
    By the way, if you are the “famous” Anders Blixt, the new owners to ICE wants to get in touch with you…

    Yours Anders Granström

  3. Go to this site and make you self known to Marc

    Go into Aurigas ICE News and Discussion and then Locating “Lost” Authors to Bring Back “Lost” Books

    Can´t activate my username at the moment

    Yours Anders

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