Facing the future as an author (1)

Two novels self-published this autumn. Both have received favorable reviews and the reviewers ask for more stories in the same vein. Cheering news indeed.

Yes, I want to go on writing and I have solid ideas for both the dieselretro world of Iskriget and the fantasy world Gondica. It is mainly a matter of how to organize my time, which currently is notoriously short. Three kids and a regular nine-to-five employment as a tech writer. (I started a new career during the autumn after having had only temporary employments after my return from Afghanistan in early 2009. So free time is in shorter supply than before whereas the family economy has gotten a nice boost by the paycheck arriving at the end of every month.)

Stephen King writes in On Writing about the self-discipline required by a professional author. Fredrick Pohl spoke of the same matter in his autobiography that I read many years ago. Scheduling is the main issue. If I would write one A4 page a day, that will mean 20-30 pages in a month. 150 such pages equals one novel, because I don’t do books the Robert Jordan way. (Actually I have been commended by reviewers for the deft use of 300 pages for telling an exciting adventure that other writers would turn into a multi-volume story.)

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