The Adventurer’s Origin (2)

Layers upon layers of memories, some of which stay at the top resembling well-preserved color slides, others becoming murky while sinking into the dust at the bottom.

Jorge Luis Borges has written much on that subject, among other things a short-story about a young man who could not forget anything and who therefore was ‘dazzled’ by the ever-present clarity of the past.

So it is fortunate that we forget a lot, so that we can retain the memories of what was important. Because it was, regardless of the final outcome.

Temporarily Back to Basics

Suddenly I have experienced a surge in game-writing. The Fenix editors want contributions in my specialty field: game world design. So the December issue had a campaign outline based on John Wyndham’s The Kraken Wakes (read more here >>>) and issue #1-2012 will contain an article on how to use Umbar for gritty Fourth-Age campaigns on the theme “What will happen when King Elessar takes control of the corsairs’ city?”

The Wyndham article is also in the process of being expanded to a full-fledged atomretro campaign setting — called Oz Is Drowning — for Saga Games’s RPG Parallel Worlds. It focuses on a cineastic 1950s Australia as a campaign setting for the impending disasters. A pulpish mix: one part John Wyndham, one part Indiana Jones, one part Biggles.

It feels great that my skills and services still are attractive in the RPG business. I have been around for 35 years and am still exploring new territory.