An odd feat

Languages are one of my hobbies and ten years ago I learned Interlingua, a minor constructed language that mostly resembles a mix of simplified Latin and Italian. I did it for the fun of it and never expected the knowledge to be really useful. I also enjoy Arthur Conan Doyle’s science fiction short-stories and ended up translating “The Horror of the Heights” into Interlingua just to test my skill. Since Doyle’s original is public domain and the translation was of no commercial significance, I donated my text to Project Gutenberg. Here is the link >>>

4 thoughts on “An odd feat

    • I have used Interlingua as a substitute for Latin or as a trans-cultural Creole in my fictions. It is reasonably easy to comprehend for a Swede who knows English and some French.

  1. In Actualitates, le numero de julio-septembre 2011 il habeva un nota re tu nove romance de fantasy “Spiran och staven” ubi Interlingua es usate. Serea interessante leger le libro!

    • Gratias pro ille pecie de information. Le romano es scribite in svedese, un aventura fantastic in un mundo stranie inspirate del evo del renascentia e le grande viages contemporanee del exploration transoceanic. Io ha usate interlingua in le libro como le ancian lingua docte del academicos. Illo resembla latino, ma es plus comprensibile pro un lector svedese. Le texto ha plure quotationes e maximos gnomic in interlingua.

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