News from the south (pole)

The Antarctic Sun is a weekly news magazine written and published in Antarctica. An oddity in the news business. It deals with many matters that interest me, like the strange inns and outs of polar research and climatology. It is a hostile continent down there and people therefore must show a lot of ingenuity to keep their settlements running safely. Antarctica is a place I really want to visit, but I have no idea if or when I’d get an opportunity.

Here is the link to the Antarctic Sun >>>

6 thoughts on “News from the south (pole)

    • Rena rollspelsäventyret — som hämtat ur “Cthulhu Now”, “GURPS Atomic Horrors” eller något UFO/konspirationsrollspel. (Men sidan innehåller också irriterande popups.)

    • Jisses, vad var det där för blaska? “En ding ding värld” visste man ju var på skoj, men det här börjar bli obehagligt.

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