“Reality” TV meets space exploration

I am no fan of so called “reality TV” shows, finding them tasteless, ludicrous and/or denigrating. Now a Dutch entrepreneur is raising the stakes of this entertainment niche by proposing to go to Mars for real and turning the expedition into a TV show to cover a part of the costs. He is looking for reckless volunteers for a one-way trip to the Red Planet in the next decade or so. New York Times writes more about here >>>

The website of his Mars One colonization project is located here >>>

The Wikipedia article about the project (link >>>) contains its timeline plus a few acerbic quotes by space technology experts about its unrealistic ambitions.

And here (link >>>) are somewhat more sensible thoughts on how to the same thing, inter alia by former astronauts.

2 thoughts on ““Reality” TV meets space exploration

  1. Skön Total Recall-stämning i den här nyheten.
    Jag gillar det finstilta i kontraktet som lär vara att det är en enkelbiljett till Mars – deltagarna måste vara beredda att slå sig ner på Mars permanent. De lär få locka med mycket pengar…

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