Walking the winding path of creativity

Already in third grade, I was a day-dreaming science fiction enthusiast, who made up my own fantastic stories. Forty-five years later, I am still like that: the dreams, the story-telling, the urge to go into the unknown to discover what lurks there.

Well, a Huffington Post article (link >>>) explains that these are common traits among highly creative individuals. So according to its list of eighteen characteristics, I am a fairly normal kind of SF/fantasy/RPG author.

And I have recently seen how one of my children has decided to join me along that winding path as a companion in arms. Together we explore the mountains and plateaus of the World’s Rimlands. Are we a jedi knight and a padawan on the path to self-realization? Bagheera and Mowgli? Lurgan Sahib and Kim? Regardless, I have found one of fatherhood’s unforeseen blessings.


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