Gadgets for Space 1889


Anti-fatigue drug
Anti-fatigue drug takes away feelings of fatigue and sleepiness. A person taking this drug can stay awake and work hard without feeling tired and without suffering the usual ill effects of exhaustion and lack of sleep. The effect of the drug lasts two hours per reliability point. Extra pills has no further effect. When the duration has passed, the user quickly falls asleep for ten hours. Prolonged daily use of the drug will gradually halve its beneficial effects and dependency may develop.

Weight: 10 doses per ounce.
Price: £2 per pill.
Research data: Chemistry, Biology, 17, 2.

Cellulose digester
Cellulose digester is a liquid which gives the human intestines the ability to utilize the cellulose found in plant fibers. If a human drinks half a pint of the drug just before a meal, he can efficiently digest grass and leaves just like an herbivore. The advantage is that you do not need to bring any food while traveling in Earth’s wilderness. Instead, you can survive on what plants nature provides. However, the fare is bland and boring. Caution is also necessary, since there are many poisonous plants and the drug does not protect against their effects.

Weight: 1 lb per pint.
Price: £1 per pint.
Research data: Chemistry, Biology, 20, 3.

Dream drug
Dream drug produces very vivid dreams and may unleash ideas hidden in the user’s subconscious. The drug is most likely to be used by authors and artists seeking inspiration. Sometimes it can also be used by a scientist who is looking for a solution to a complicated problem and who hopes that this is hidden deep inside their minds. When taking a pill the user loses consciousness for about one hour, during which he dreams intensely. Add the character’s Intellect and the drug’s reliability to see how many dice should be rolled towards the difficulty level of the problem. If successful, the character will get some kind of flash of inspiration from his dreams. If all the dice are 1’s, the user wakes screaming due to terrible nightmares; for the next 24 hours all his difficulty levels will become one step harder, since he is so upset by this experience. Prolonged daily use of the drug will cause delusions and hallucinations.

Weight: 10 doses per ounce.
Price: £2 per pill.
Research data: Chemistry, Biology, 20, 2.


Stun-ray Pistol
This gun fires a bluish energy bolt that stuns living creatures (up to a gashant or a horse in size) and disrupts the operation of electrical devices. The discharge is accompanied by a loud cracking sound and the odor of ozone.

A person or creature hit by the ray is stunned for (6 + gun reliability – target endurance) rounds. An electrical device hit by the ray is rendered inoperable and must be repaired by a skilled technician before functioning properly again.

Weapon data: Shots 1, Magazine 10, Required strength 2.
Effective range: reliability × 1 yards.
Reloading: The magazine is reloaded by connecting the pistol to an electrical power source for one minute per “shot”.
Weight: 10 lbs.
Price: £30.
Research data: Physics, Electricity, 20, 2.

Ultrasonic Scanner
This device emits ultrasonic signals and measures the time it takes for their echoes to return to produce an outline of the surroundings on a screen (basically utilizing the same method as bats). It is very useful where visibility is limited, such as underground, underwater, and in fog. However, the quality of the screen’s picture is far below that of the eye, since it only shows the outlines of observed objects and they are often hard to identify properly. Humans, Martians and Lizardmen do not hear the ultrasonics, but many animals, for instance dogs and bats, perceive the sounds as unpleasant noise.

Observation range: reliability × 100 yards. (The device does not function in vacuum.)
Weight: 40 lbs.
Price: £50.
Research data: Physics, Electricity, 23, 4.


Rocket Tube
This weapon is a 6ft tube with 4-inch caliber. It is a recoil-less single-shot breech-loader that fires solid-fuel rockets with explosive warheads. The kneeling marksman puts the tube on his shoulder when firing. The loader kneels behind him, feeding ammunition into the tube. The rocket warhead is either shrapnel or shell. When firing, a searing flame extends momentarily about 15 feet behind the weapon; the loader must beware.

Weapon data: Shots 1, Reload 1, Required strength 3, Burst 2.
Effective range: reliability × 30 yards.
Weight: tube 15 lbs, rocket 10 lbs.
Price: tube £20, rocket £5.
Research data: Structural Engineer, Machinist, 7, 0.

Copyright © 1996 Anders Blixt
Space: 1889 is Frank Chadwick’s registered trademark for his game of Victorian Era space-faring

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