One Significant Step Forward

I self-published my dieselpunk adventure The Ice War as a PoD book in 2011 after having received a bundle of rejections from Swedish publishing houses. After all, alternate-history dieselpunk is not a well-known SF subgenre in tiny Sweden.

After the publication, readers and reviewers provided plenty of useful feedback and I learned what clichés and tropes ought to be avoided. So this spring I revised the story, putting a stronger emphasizes on action and adventure. After all, I am in the entertainment business and will always do my best to give the readers an exciting ride through blizzards and turmoil.

Today I got the English translation of the story. That felt like a major step forward to me as a writer, even though I immediately saw the need for polishing for it to meet my standards. When that has been done, I will self-publish the story as an e-book.

I arrived at that decision after some pondering in June: I am in my mid-fifties and I do not feel like spending the next few years receiving more rejection letters. I may have ten years or so ahead of me as a fiction writer and I want my stories to be read instead of “fermenting in the desk drawer”. The self-publishing revolution benefits authors like me, people who move ahead from one tale to the next and who enjoys getting tasks completed all the way to the end. Everyone who is familiar with me, knows that I am persistent and that I dislike getting stalled on the way to a goal.

4 thoughts on “One Significant Step Forward

  1. Very interesting! I enjoyed Iskriget immensely, with its combination of “Anders Blixian” love for coherent and consistent settings, emotional impact when facing death / murder, and a good romp through our southernmost continent.
    Would you be able to elabortate how this revised work differs? The original certainly had much of both action and adventure…

    • Well, I got some well-wrought criticism for how I handled the romantic angle. Too many clichés. So that aspect has been completely revised.

      Anyhow, nice that you liked the story. I have more action adventures in the pipeline.

      • Fantastic – thank you for sharing, and looking forward to the upcoming stories! Will they be in the same world or new locations?
        I was listening to Planet Money, who stated that more and more authors are going the self-publishing route, with a report coming out in the last days which basically tears down the value of large publishing houses compared to the new platforms available out there.
        A google search found the episode:

        • I am currently developing a new world, very different from the polar continent Alba in Iskriget. I have learned a lot about writing stories since 2004 or so, when Iskriget was completed. So I need to look at new crises, new vistas and new heroes.

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