An SF gamebook for tablet technology

When I started working professionally in the game business 30 years ago, gamebooks were bestsellers: solo (i.e. one-player) adventures played by flipping pages back and forth in a paperback. In the mid-1980s, we published a score of Swedish translations of such titles from Britain and the US: melodramatic space opera, epic fantasy and creepy horror. The sales were incredible for a small publisher.

The concept has now moved into the iPad/tablet medium. I see good potential here; such games would be entertaining during the twice-daily metro journeys between home and office.

Here is a kickstarter for a horror/SF tablet gamebook designed by a team of Swedish enthusiasts — link >>>

Playing a gamebook deals a lot with making choices for the adventure’s next step. Here you get four options for moving forward. (Click on the picture to get a larger version.)

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