Game → Movie: “Numenera” on the Beach

Turning role-playing games into adventure films is not a new notion. However, the Dungeons & Dragons movie provided a crystal-clear example of how not to do it. Game worlds are frequently cool places, but a movie also needs a decent script, and that is where the crux is. But that is more of a general problem in Hollywood these days: special effects appear to be cheaper than skilled scriptwriters. (No, I retract that last statement: it may not be the fault of the scriptwriters, but rather a matter of too many meddling hands.) The I, Robot movie stands as a dreadful example of how to wreck a plot in a surfeit of CGI eye candy.

The role-playing game Numenera has a great far-future/fallen-civilization science fantasy world; after all, it is a design by Monte Cook. The Swedish production company Valdes/Eriksdotter is about to make a short film, called Strand, taking place in that reality. Since it is a small-scale project, I hope they will manage to put together a good plot without having to bend sidewise to accommodate the conflicting notions of stars and investors. Its crowdfunding is here — link >>>

The word “strand” means “beach” in Swedish, and therefore the first teaser photos aptly show the protagonist on the granite gravel beaches of the Swedish west coast. The scenery sets the mood: “welcome to a bleak and poverty-stricken elsewhen”.

As for what I think of this venture — well, I am old enough to quote Hávamál: “At kveldi skal dag leyfa” (“First at dusk shall day be praised.”)



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