Lemuria revisited

Ten years ago, Krister Sundelin, Tomas Arfert and I produced Lemuria, a Swedish-language dieselpunk worldbook for the D20 Modern game. It is a gritty alternate-history setting, focusing on the fictitious southern continent of Lemuria that replaces our world’s Antarctica as a larger, more varied and very pulpish milieu. The time is the legendary 1930s (though without nazis). The heroes face ruthless robber barons and Soviet OGPU agents in Lemuria’s untamed wilderness.

Unexpectedly, the Lemuria worldbook has attracted some attention among American dieselpunk enthusiasts. However, we do not currently have the time and resources to make the English edition that they would like to see. (But if someone else would be interested in doing that, just let us know.)

A diesel-electric juggernaut explores the wilderness of Lemuria (by Tomas Arfert)

Soviet aviatrix in Lemuria (by Tomas Arfert)

Soviet aviatrix in Lemuria (by Tomas Arfert)

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