“The Ice War” has arrived

My diesel-era spy adventure The Ice War has been published as an e-book via Smashwords. See facts & purchasing info here — link >>>

Basic Facts about the Book:
The year is 1940. In Europe Czech and German republicans have been fighting for years against the Habsburg Emperor’s oppressive rule. Rebel spy Johnny Bornewald is dispatched to the southern-most continent of Alba, the home of the non-human ursines, to gather technological intelligence. However, he and his native guide Linda Connor must flee for their lives through icy wastelands when war unexpectedly erupts there, too. More than polar cold and enemy gunfire imperil their lives when they get entangled in a conspiracy that may wreck much of Alba. Will Linda and Johnny be wily enough to evade their enemies’ schemes?

Cover by Per Folmer

Cover by Per Folmer

Swedish author Patrik Centerwall reviewed the Swedish edition of The Ice War (published in 2011) in the following manner:

The Ice War is a well-written, swift-moving and exciting adventure that touches several interesting issues of morals and philosophy. Anders Blixt does not make matters easy, neither for the novel’s characters nor for the readers. As far as possible, he makes us understand what choices must be made. He does not shirk from asking hard questions about the horrors of war. The novel is not long, but it is impressive how much it contains […]. The Ice War is very good and thought-provoking and it is warmly recommended to everyone who wants a somewhat different reading experience..


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