Terraforming Mars as a boardgame

I enjoy clever resource management games, such as Sid Meier’s Civilization and Eclipse, because I am more interested in building than wrecking. I prefer game that provide multiple routes ahead; when building there should be different strategic options.

For me, a game combining resource management and Mars would therefore be a particularly attractive challenge. Now a team of Swedes are busy developing such a boardgame (link >>>). Competing factions strive to make Mars more habitable for humans by applying existing and futuristic technologies while juggling e.g. ecological and energy factors:

“The game ends when there is enough oxygen to breathe, oceans enough to allow Earth-like weather and the temperature is well above freezing, at least at the equator. It will then be possible, if not comfortable, to live on the surface of Mars.”

I am looking forward to getting hold of it later this year.

A playtest version published on Fryx Games’s website


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