Destinations for interstellar expeditions

By some estimates, the first interstellar voyage will cost many trillions of dollars, require decades to construct and involve tens to hundreds of passengers and explorers. It will certainly cost more than the $100 billion for our first manned trip to Mars! Assuming a project of this scope can even be sold to the teeming humanity that will be left behind to pay the bills, how will the destination be selected? Will we just point the ship towards any star and commit these resources to a random journey and outcome, or will we know a LOT about where we are going before the fuel is loaded? Most of us will agree that the latter case for such an expensive “one off” mission is more likely.

So… Where will they go?

Astronomer Sten Odenvald takes a look at what planetary targets can be found among our insterstellar nighbors — link >>>

1 thought on “Destinations for interstellar expeditions

  1. Where to go is the easy part. Within a decade it will be possible from earth to find Earth sized planed, and to detect if they have oxygen in their atmosphere. Oxygen means that there exist plant life.

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