Going to Mars the old-style way

In 1954, Collier’s magazine published a set of articles (illustrated by the eminent artist Chesley Bonestell) in which Frank Whipple explains what possibilities there is for life on Mars, i.e., not much (the infamous “canals” get a short dimissive mention), and Wernher von Braun outlines the execution of a manned mission to the Red Planet (i.e. 70 men in ten ships that will be away for 2½ years) — link to a pdf >>>

Today, sixty years later, it is interesting to read about an almost alien vision of how the solar system is to be explored, a future that never materialized. I wonder what people in 2075 will say about NASAs current plans.

2 thoughts on “Going to Mars the old-style way

  1. Whatever the people of 2075 have to say about NASA’s plans today, hopefully a few of them will be saying it from the Martian surface.

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