Furiosa’s Road

Furiosa (Charlize Theron): The head honcho of Mad Max Fury Road.

Last week I watched the new Mad Max movie and walked out of the cinema quite surprised by what I had seen. The heroes had been ten (IIRC) women and two men, whereas the badguys had been solely male. I liked that arrangement. Also, the main protagonist was not Max Rockatansky, who in fact spent most of the movie playing second fiddle to the slam-bang heroine Furiosa.

The movie provides two hours high-octane action with cars, motorbikes and weird-looking people fighting across a stretch of Namibian desert that depicts the franchise’s traditional barren post-apocalyptic style perfectly. The storyline is simple: Furiosa helps a team of concubines, the so called “property” of the Big Bad warlord Immortan Joe, run away in her huge truck and Max gets accidentally entangled in the scheme. The characters’ back-story is minimal and that does not matter, because their actions define their qualities. I will not say much about the plot, because I do not want to spoil the surprising twists and turns along the track. However, it is extremely rare to see such a number of competent warrior ladies team up in a Hollywood action flick.

A sequel is said to be on the way. I want Furiosa to be its main character instead of Max. She is a more complex and interesting person. I cared a lot about her fate, but not that much about Max’s. And her prosthetic arm was an impressive piece of jury-rigged mechanics.

I give Mad Max Fury Road four roaring engines out of five.


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