A “Rimlands” shortstory reviewed

I started writing Rimlands dieselretro stories in the autumn of 2010 as a way of taking the edge off my war memories from Afghanistan. Currently I am toiling with the third story, a novella called “Dusk and Dawn” that is merely three chapters from its grand finale.

This spring the Rimlands shortstory “The Road” was published in the Swedish SF anthology “Waiting for the Machines to Fall Asleep” (sold here — >>>). That book has been reviewed a few times by webzines, for instance here — link >>> — where “Kaz” Augustin gives “The Road” good marks, as you can see in this excerpt from his review:

“The Road” by Anders Blixt follows the path of a marshal tasked with keeping the peace along a trading route that stretches from the coast up into the highlands. The marshal has been mutilated from a botched campaign she undertook in the past, and there’s much to admire in her calm and stoicism. But her sense of equanimity cracks when she confronts a fleeing member of the Forsaken. … [T]he story itself is engaging and heartfelt. I give it a B+.

The Seas of Old Venus

This work by Zdenek Burian evokes old-school Venus, the science fiction vision of a “primitive” tropical world of adventure. (Click on the picture for a larger version.)

The picture connects nicely to the Venusian Space 1889 campaign that I describe here — link >>>

Desert Battle Buggy

A battle car at a ruined petrol station in Apocalyptistan (by Ignacio Bazán Lazcano {Neisbeis} at Deviantart; click on picture for a larger version). This vehicles fits well in the Rimlands diesel-fantasy novella I am currently working on, and also in Swedish role-playing games such the post-apocalyptic Wastelands by Lancelot Games or Sci-Fi! (space opera, soon to be published) by Saga Games.