Martian Freedom Fighters

The future solar system might not be a nice place. (Looking at our current world, why should it?) So some members of the venerable British Interplanetary Society have recently had a conference where they looked into how to deal issues of liberty and rebellion against tyranny in the Martian colonies that most likely will be around in the 22nd century. These matters, though perhaps far-fetched, are approached in a scholarly manner.

“The scenarios the group is contemplating are easiest to imagine if you think about what a space colony might be like. Perhaps a domed settlement with a few hundred residents, beneath a thin dusty Martian sky. A fragile and isolated outpost of humanity 225 million kilometres from the home world. With a brutal dictator and his cronies in charge of the oxygen generators, for instance.”

The conference made several pertinent observations, such as: “The physical structure of the settlements could also be designed to minimise the effects of conflict, with air, water and power systems in multiple locations. Not only would this reduce vulnerabilities to a break down or failure but it would avoid the dangers of a central point of control.”

Read more here — link >>> .

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