Review of “The Ice War”

Swedish blogger Jonas Bengtsson writes about science fiction, games and other nerdy stuff at Barrikaden. Today he has published a favorable review of my dieselpunk spy novel The Ice War. An excerpt:

I think that the book is very straight-forward when comes to storyline and discussions. What you read is the essentials, told without side plots or padding. The book is only 132 pages, but the content is without gaps. I have read somewhere that Anders Blixt (who among other things developed the Drakar och Demoner role-playing game in the 1980s) is busy writing a new dieselpunk tale. I hope that it is a continuation of The Ice War, because that world and those characters possess a lot of unused potential.

Read the full review here (in Swedish) — link >>>

The Ice War is available at Amazon as an ebook and on paper .

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