Artwork for Sci-Fi!

Saga Games has just published Sci-Fi!, a Swedish space opera role-playing game by Tomas Arfert (rules) and myself (two campaign universes).

By chance, I have found a web page with plenty of artwork appropriate for the game’s New Era cosmos, which takes place in a galactic arm with plenty of wonders for humans to discover. Check it out here (mainly the webpage’s right column of pictures):

Here is an example. (Click of the picture for a larger version.)

2 thoughts on “Artwork for Sci-Fi!

  1. Otroligt härliga bilder. Man blir riktigt spelsugen på lite sci-fi rollspelande. Har tyvärr alltid varit en genre som fått stå tillbaka i vår spelgruppen.

    • Kul att du gillar det här. Jag har skrivit Sci-Fi! så att det går att spela många slags kampanjer: diplomati, spionage, handel, utforskning, brottsbekämpning, osv. Ni kan antagligen hitta en inriktning som passar er smak.

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