Leigh Brackett’s 100 years

Leigh Brackett and Edmond Hamilton. Two successful pulp writers, married to one another, in a sci-fi cosmos a long time ago.

One of my favourite science fiction authors, pulp queen Leigh Brackett, was born one hundred years ago on December 7, 1915. She wrote interplanetary adventures in a dramatic solar system: canals and ancient horrors on Mars, jungles and dark science on Venus, and so on. Her stories frequently moved in the borderland between SF and fantasy, because the genre boundaries were less clearcut in those days.

The fantastic Mars she created has been close to my heart since my first visit to it in my late teens. Check my review of her Sea-kings of Mars novella here — link >>>

Leigh Brackett’s final feat was the manuscript to Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back, which so far is my favorite in the Skywalker Saga. Unfortunately she died before the completion of the movie.

Here is an article commemorating her centenary — link >>>

4 thoughts on “Leigh Brackett’s 100 years

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  3. I dont know how let a word in blogs, just tried 2 or 3 times, and never knew if i got it. Im an argentinian tango singer and deeply lover of pulps times, im self taught, sorry my english.
    i enjoyed a lot your review and this 100th Anniversary.
    She is one of favorite too, ( including male writers) , she and C L Moore are still waiting the recognition they deserves..surely you have read the chapbook about Leigh by J L Carr, sadly he didn t write the full lengh biography. LB is so special to me ,too, because was teacher and lovely close friend of my beloved Bradbury( who gifted me replying some iletters in paper in late 90s) She was a prosist , stylist more value( or equal) to other women so so so politized in tne mainstream of rich ( so rich!) American Literature. I love leigh…thanks a lot.
    Sergio Logioco

    • Hello, nice to hear from a citizen of the Hispanoverse. Let’s see how bad my Spanish is. 🙂
      Las traducciónes de Brackett al español — ¿cuál calidades poseden? In anglese Sra Bracket escriba in un stilo curto y robusto, puede dicer “germanico”. Sua prosa tambien se reproduce bon in svedese. ¿Mas in las lenguas romanicas?

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