Transition Time

My blogging keeps on being sporadic. Moving to a new home while working full-speed at my mundane jobb — there is little time for writing fiction or blog posts. But my mind is full of ideas that long to be transformed into stories and games.

Patchwork World

The Patchwork World collection of diesel-flavoured novellas and shortstories (formerly called Rimland Tales) is the top item under production.

Part IV: Dusk and Dawn has made a halt near its end.  I feel that the plot is losing pace and I need to add complications to the two protagonists’ lives.

I have also started sketching Part III: The Forest. The two protagonists stand ready: a middle-aged road marshal/peace-keeper and a twenty-something rogue.  A significant source of inspiration will be the Balkan Wars of the 1990s; I watched them from a distance as a member of the home-based logistical organization that supported our Blue Berets in the warzone.

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