“Sci-Fi!” — Sveriges bästa rollspel 2015?

Summary in English: One of my games has been nominated for the Best Swedish RPG 2015 award. It’s time to vote.

Speltidningen Fenix har en webbomröstning om 2015 års bästa rollspelsprodukter. Sista dagen är 1 mars. Space-opera-rollspelet Sci-Fi!, av Tomas Arfert​ och jag, är nominerad i kategorin Bästa Rollspel. Nu har du alltså en sista chans att rösta på vårt skapelse.

Rösta här — länk >>>

Traveller: The Soundtrack

I have mentioned a few times here on the blog what great importance the science fiction role-playing game Traveller has had for my career as a game designer (for example in this post >>> ).

Marc Miller, Traveller’s creator, recently published Agent of the Imperium, a good SF novel based on the politics of Traveller’s space empires. And now a fan has composed a soundtrack to one particular event in the novel, viz. the experience of hyperspace travel. That’s a novelty; I wish someone would do something like this to one of my stories.

Anyhow, the music is currently available at Soundcloud — link >>>

Terraform Mars on the kitchen table

When it comes to boardgames, I prefer those that emphasize progress, development and resource-management, because I want to construct, not tear down. So when I learned more than a year ago that a card-driven boardgame simulating a future terraforming of Mars was being designed here in Sweden, I rejoiced. And now it seems that it will hit the market coming autumn.

Read more at Fryx Games’s site — link >>>