Arwen’s Last Journey

But Arwen went forth from the house, and the light of her eyes was quenched, and it seemed to her people that she had become cold and grey as nightfall in winter without a star. Then she said farewell to Eldarion, and to her daughters, and to all whom she loved; and she went out from the city of Minas Tirith and passed away to the land of Lórien, and dwelt there alone under the fading trees until winter came.

— From The Tale of Aragorn and Arwen by JRR Tolkien

Artist: Jamshed Jurabaev. Click on picture for a larger version.

6 thoughts on “Arwen’s Last Journey

    • An interesting idea. However, I would rather see movies about other events in the Third Age. My favorite proposal is Helm Hammerhand and the siege of the Hornburg during the Long Winter made like a Rohan-Western with grim laconic swordsmen, and neither Elves nor Dwarves in sight.

  1. Gastkramande ord, och en av Tolkiens vackraste prosbitar. Jag tänker på Aragorns ord till henne för att minska sorgen: In sorrow we must go, but not in despair. Behold! we are not bound forever to the circles of the world, and beyond them is more than memory.
    Tack också aför länken till bilden, mycket fin.

  2. My favorite sequence of scenes in the Peter Jackson movies is when Elrond tells Arwen of the tragedy in store for her when Aragorn dies, and we see Aragorn dead, then entombed, while Arwen weeps, veiled in black. It’s so beautifully done, so intense, and so heartbreaking.

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