Patchwork World: View of an Oceanic City

I am currently writing a series of retrotech Patchwork World stories. Two have been published so far in one ebook: the short-stories “Dust” and “The Road” (link >>> ). They take place in a demi-world called Oceanica. In its centre you find the Archipelago, a huge cluster of islands surrounded by the Rimward Ocean. This sea is in turn enclosed by an O-shaped continent called The Rim. Its outer edge is the World-encircling Mountains, a range of insurmountable peaks that reach almost into space.

The protagonists of “Dust” and “The Road” come from the Archipelago, home of a sophisticated dieseltech civilization. This picture could depict a splendorous part of Nikople, the metropolis that used to serve as the capital of the Oceanic Empire, a now-defunct Archipelagan realm that once ruled most of the known world.

Picture by Boali Dashestani on DeviantArt. Click on the picture for a larger version.

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