The Liberators as the New Oppressors

A successful and dramatic rebellion leads to the establishment of a free nation, well, that is the way fiction tends to portray revolutions. The reality is bleaker: when the smoke clears and the old tyrants dangle in the gallows, the new rulers too easily adopt the bad old ways to maintain their grip on power.

Professor Henning Melber, currently working at the University of Pretoria, once struggled actively against the against the South African apartheid regime; as a former insider he now explains how and why domestic politics did not turn for the better after the end of the racist governments in the five major countries of southern Africa — link >>>

Similar, and perhaps even more frightful, developments took place in south-east Asia after the violent eviction of the French and Dutch colonialists in the 1940s and 1950s. This is something that one should keep in mind when designing “realistic” rebel-themed campaigns and stories.

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