“Space 1889”: Sky Wolves in Action

The year is 1891 and the place is Mars. A pack of steam-propelled airships slogs it out with a sky frigate above a canal city. The small ships display no flags, so their attack is a case of piracy and not a legitimate act of war.

This is a scene from the Victorian science fiction game Space 1889 (link >>> ) by Frank Chadwick. This has been my favorite game since the early 1990s; my buddies and I have experienced scores of adventures in the dilapidated cities and cold skies of the Red Planet.

Click on the picture for a larger version.

Artist: Flavio Bolla at DeviantArt

2 thoughts on ““Space 1889”: Sky Wolves in Action

  1. Classic Red Captains. Those Aphids are meat on the table. I still have Swedes in the Asteroid Belt in my campaign because of your writing in the S1889 Yahoo group . A lot of rich Prince’s of Mars need heavy metals and the Irish are building a orbital smelter. Swedish ore to Irish smelter to Red Captain traders to Martian city-states. If that doesn’t make the colonial Powers angry I don’t know what will, along with Irish/Yankee gunrunning.

    • Delightful setup for an adventurous campaign. I am happy to see that my ideas inspired you. We are still running that old Swedish campaign (started in 1990; we are currently playing in 1897), though our adventurers nowadays stick to the Martian surface. A lot of colonial politicking while the European subjugate city states here and there.

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