2 thoughts on “Space 1889: “My name is Bond, Hedda Bond”

  1. Great picture. I’ll think I’ll add her to my campaign.

    Many, many years ago I was helping the stage crew for a production of Hedda Gabler. At the dress rehearsal we didn’t have the starter’s pistol we were going to use in the actual production so we used a 331/3 vinyl sound effects LP with different gunshot effects on different tracks. a the end of the play, the actress playing Hedda rose, looked pensively at the pistol on the side table, picked it up and slowly exited stage left, there was a pause of a few beats and we dropped the needle on the sound effects record aiming for the single pistol shot track – and hit the combined 3″ mortar and Vickers HMG track instead.

    Poor, poor Hedda…..

    • Well, well, poor audience, too.

      Anyhow, I was quite surprised when I saw this pic in newspaper review of the play. I found a complete set of promo pics at the theater’s website, but this one remained the sole “eye-catcher”. Our S1889 PC group contains one lady who looks somewhat like this: Sherlock Holmes’s youngest sister Penelope Holmes-Lindström, a pistol-wielding daredevil.

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