Frozen Skies: Arctic Dieselpunk RPG

British game writer Stephen Hughes has been working for a long time on Frozen Skies, a role-playing game in a dieselpunk/science-fantasy setting. The location is Alyeska, a frozen northern land where human settlers struggle against nature and against non-human indigenes. In a few places there are also precious remnants of an ancient civilization waiting to be discovered.

After checking the game’s Kickstarter page, I have made the following observations:

Grim adventurers? Check
Propeller planes? Check
Sky pirates? Check
Outposts in peril? Check
The Thing from Another World? Check(?)
Lost dark secrets? Check
James Bigglesworth? Well, no, but he would certainly feel at home here.
Tracked ice juggernauts? No, not as far as I saw. Stephen, that’s a void worth filling.

My verdict: This bodes well

Take a look yourself — link to Kickstarter >>>


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