Hjältarnas Tid kickstartar en spelarbok

Summary in English: A new kickstarter for a players’ handbook to the Swedish fantasy RPG Hjältarnas Tid.

Helmgast och Krister Sundelin kickstartar nu Hjältarnas Väg, en spelarhandbok för fantasyrollspelet Hjältarnas Tid. Här är en länk dit >>> .

Konstruktörens Tomas Brattström utlovar bland annat nya folkslag, nya förmågor och en massa utrustningslistor. Verkar lovande som spelartillbehör.

Finding Intangible Gold

Stan Lee, I stand right next you:
I have been a professional game designer for 33 years. Meanwhile my fluffy hair has turned sparse and grey, and my once sprightly stride has grown heavier and slower. Every now and then people in their thirties and forties approach me and thank me for stuff I wrote in the 1980s and 1990s. They say that during their teens, they found so much joy in my games. Their words hearten me by proving that my hard work at the office (nope, creative writing is not an easy chore) was, is and will be time well spent.