Patreon Progress (1)

I have decided to tell you, at irregular intervals, how my preparations for my Patreon page are progressing. So here is my first report.

I have had a brain-storming session with a friend to determine my focus and priorities. My conclusions were pretty straightforward:

  1. I will emphasize PDFs for role-playing games, mainly in English because these days my readers come from all over the world.
  2. I will also emphasize prêt-à-porter, that is, stuff that you can start using straight away without having to buy some other game product.
    • As a consequence, I will develop a flexible rules engine that can be revised and attached to any setting or adventure that I put in my Patreon library.
  3. Mars, yes there is no escaping Mars when you deal with me. I intend to complete a semi-finished science-fantasy Mars game that has resided on my computers for several years.

Well, that’s all for today. Please stay tuned to this blog for further news.


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