Blixt: The Next Generation

The icon for this blog is a red foxhead seal that dates back to 1997, when Tove & Anders Gillbring, Åke Rosenius and I launched the Sverox magazine as De gamla rävarna/the Old Foxes*. The four of us entered Sweden’s RPG business when it was in its infancy, so we are kind of the Traveling Wilburys of our gaming community. For practical reasons, we formalized the Sverox venture as the alliance Rävspel with the foxhead logo. We also published a few games together around the turn of the millennium, e.g. an edition of Western; Gondica; and Lemuria.

Twenty-two years later:

I am busy launching a line of small-scale English RPG-PDF products at DriveThruRPG (link >>> ). I am a prolific writer, but I simply cannot draw pictures. Therefore, I have enlisted the help of my artistic adult daughter Elin; she will finish what I started by illustrating my texts. Elin is a great manga and Marvel fan, and currently a student at an art school.

Hence, the Old Fox and the Young Tiger have joined forces as Team Fox.

The Tiger is currently busy doing her first illos for me. Stay tuned to this blog for further news about when her artwork goes live.

* “An old fox” is a positive Swedish idiom denoting a seasoned veteran who knows how to play the game.

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