Return of “Chariots of Fire”

In 1982, I wrote an Amber Zone adventure called Chariots of Fire for the American Traveller magazine Journal of the Travellers’ Aid Society. To my surprise, American youtuber Seth Skorkowski reviewed it a few days ago, also adding some pertinent suggestions how a GM might run it.

Chariots of Fire — the title of the adventure is an intentional pun, because its plot deals with stealing two fire engines and get them undamaged across a troubled border. In 1982, I was 23 years old and a student of political science at Lund University. The adventure’s general setting is based on the 1970s Hollywood version of Central America.

Forty Years Ago

Forty years ago, I began my full-scale academic studies: political science/international politics (plus some macroeconomics, classical history, and modern languages). I remember my first lecture: the history of political thought, chapter 1, Plato & Aristotle. Great lecturer, Dr Gunnar Falkemark, whose first sentences grabbed my full attention. He made me realize that I had found my proper academic track.

And that way, my life changed for the better. Three semesters of pol-sci turned out to be serendipitous when I, four years later, became a professional RPG designer. Thanks Dr Falkemark and my gaming buddy Pär-Adam Claus who suggested that I take a close look at political science: “That subject ought to suit you.”

Review: “The Ice War”

Phil is a youtuber who mostly discusses various classics, such as plays by Euripides or novels by Mishima and Coetzee. I was therefore astonished when I recently discovered that my dieselpunk spy thriller The Ice War got a favorable review by him.

Spoiler alert: Phil reveals all major plot points in this review.

You can buy The Ice War as an ebook or a paperback at Amazon — link >>>