About Gondica

I am a gray-haired middle-aged chap living in Stockholm, Sweden, with wife and children. I earn my living as a tech writer and use some of my spare time to create role-playing games and fantastic stories.

Back to the Keyboard

After a long and tiresome hiatus, I have returned to the creative keyboard (unlike the mundane one at the office). Since last autumn, some beta-readers have given me a lot of constructive feedback on the Dusk and Dawn MS, a steam(ish)-punk adventure in the Patchwork World setting. So I have started doing a thorough revision, starting from chapter one. I will do a complete overhaul of the final third of the story after realizing what will be the “hero’s journey” for protagonist Fennec. I will insert an ancient human archetype in a science fiction context, emphasizing growth and responsibility. It feels so good to return to that alien multi-faceted world, the home of so many of my dreams.

Troublesome Times

The last three months have been chockfull with events, both painful and joyful. As a rule I do not touch personal matters in my blog, because it is supposed to deal with my writing projects. Even though I have updated The Dream Forge only sporadically, it has been on my mind almost every day, but there are too many others matters there with higher priorities. However, please stay tuned to this blog, because I intend to be back in full force as soon as I have got some space-time for creative writing.