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Expert Nova


My RPG Expert Nova is set of rules (52 pages in the Swedish version, 60 pages in the English one) for action and adventures in the 20th and 21st centuries. I have developed a streamlined version of the classical Swedish BRP 1T20 ideas, using my forty years of game design experience to design flexible rules that for many types of more or less contemporary settings: noir, criminal procedure, pulp action, science fiction, alternate history, etc.

Expert Nova is available in as Swedish and English paperbacks in my Lulu store — link >>>  and as PDFs at DriveThruRPG — link >>>

You can download a free PDF character sheet for Expert Nova at my Patreon — link >>>



Thriller is the first complete RPG I wrote, way back in 1983-84. It is an old-school Swedish game for espionage and private-eye campaigns, with a brief appendix outlining alternate history settings.

Thriller can be purchased:

  • as a facsimile paperback (66 A4 pages) in my Lulu store — link >>>
  • as a facsimile paperback (66 A4 pages) at Amazon — link >>>
  • as a PDF (66 pages) at DriveThruRPG — link >>>

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