Lúthien: Wonder Woman v 1.0

In JRR Tolkien’s tales, there are a number of badass women. Galadriel is the mightiest person among the Free Peoples of the Third Age, and Éowyn pulls off a stunt that no man could do. And when we go back to the First Age, we encounter the toughest of them all: Lúthien. During her adventures with Beren she enters Sauron’s den of werewolves and then faces down Morgoth himself — the latter a feat that no Noldo prince or Adan warrior was ever able to match.

Here we see Lúthien and Húan go up against the werewolves of Tol-in-Gaurhoth. Artist: Randy Vargas. Click on the picture for a larger version.

Boromir’s Last Words

I’ve seen things you hobbits wouldn’t believe. Corsair ships on fire off the port of Pelargir. I’ve watched will-o-the-wisps glitter in the dark near the Black Gate. All those … moments will be lost in time, like tears … in rain. … Time to die.

Sorry, irresistible cross-over.