The Apollo Semicentennial

Fifty years ago, the Apollo project sent 27 astronauts to the Moon. I was a child and followed their live broadcasts on TV together with my father, an aerospace engineer in the then-nascent European space program. The Lunar exploration lasted for four years and eleven launches, after which the United States retrenched to a more modest space program. Hopefully, I will see astronauts on the Moon again some day, perhaps in the company of curious and eager grandchildren.


Sorgeveden: Skuggskog i Ebenholtslandet

Summary in English: A spooky jungle ruin in my Sorgeveden forest setting for the Swedish fantasy RPG Hjältarnas Tid.

En förhäxad skuggskog i Sorgevedens tropiska Ebenholtsland. Ett övergivet tempel, för länge sedan helgat åt mörka makter, är källan till den täta skugga som fallit över trakten. En djärv jägare har nu sökt sig hit, kanske för att lista ut hur ljuset ska fördriva mörkret härifrån.

Konstnär: Sergey Vasnev på Artstation. Klicka på bilden för en större version.

Desolation Ornithopter

Ron Cobb created this “insectoid” ornithopter for an early attempt to make a Dune movie. That film did not materialize, however; instead we got very different and quite jumbled movie some years later.

Anyhow, this is a beautiful flyer that I’d love to see in some other setting. It would for example fit nicely in my baroque-futuristic Wolframfästet (The Tungsten Citadel) RPG milieu, in which the Earth is a worn-down desolation.