The Solar System as It Used to Be

Martian Canal,
by C Bonestell

One of my favorite subgenres in science fiction is old-school interplanetary adventures, in which Mars has canals, Venus jungles, and Mercury two faces (hot and cold). Lo! and behold, yesterday I discovered a blog devoted to that subject: The Old Solar System. Its creator is the British pseudonym Zendexor, who introduces himself as an SF critic. Well, he certainly masters the subject, discussing the oldschool settings created by veterans writers like Asimov, Clarke, Heinlein, Brackett, SM Stirling, and Edmond Hamilton.

If Zendexor knew Swedish, he would probably have written a lengthy post about Sture Lönnerstrand’s solar-system odyssey Rymdhunden (“Space Dog”) from 1954.

Check the Old Solar System blog here — link >>>


My disrupted blogging schedule

“Man proposes — God disposes.”

For a long time, I have kept a regular schedule at this blog by publishing three posts a week. However, life is currently complicated and stressful, both at home and at work. So for the next month or so, I will have to cut my blogging to one post per week, to be published in the weekend. There is a quiet café nearby our apartment where I can be creative Saturday mornings.