The Long Silence

I have written very little on this blog for the past two months. The reason is simple: I am terribly busy with private and professional matters. Hopefully the pressure will ease in April, and that ought to open a window of opportunity door for more blogging. Stay tuned, please.


Podcast: My 40 years in the RPG business

A Swedish English-language podcast interviews me about my long career as a designer of role-playing games. I explain how I reason when I create rules and settings. Lots about Tolkien’s Middle-earth and Traveller.

Setting a New Course for New Destinations

I turn sixty this spring. Food for thought, indeed. Therefore, I have recently reviewed my many adventures since the 1970s, such as: getting three wonderful daughters; living in five countries across three continents; facing wars and leopards; learning five foreign languages; visiting Taj Mahal, Masada, Stonehenge, the Berlin Wall, the Smithsonian Institution; and so on.

A few days back I discovered this CS Lewis quote and it touched my heart. His suggested course change cannot be executed in an instant, but it can be done: “we have the technology” (i.e. my children are or are about to become adults, so now I can set aside plenty of time for my own endeavors, unlike five years ago). So I hope for a great 2019 during which I reshape the next part of the Anders Saga fróða.

Another Star Is Lit

Two days ago, Krister Sundelin of Helmgast and I dined at a steakhouse here in Stockholm and discussed how to proceed with collaborations after my successful campaign setting Sorgeveden for his fantasy RPG Hjältarnas Tid. Right now, Krister has a something entirely different on his drawing board and we agreed that I would write an adventure for it — whatever it might be — at some time during 2019. This will be fun!

“Thriller” Published at DriveThruRPG

The facsimile edition of my old-school Swedish espionage/gumshoe/parallel worlds RPG Thriller is now also available as a PDF download at DriveThruRPG.

The download costs 80 SEK, that is, about €8. It consists of reproductions of the original typewritten 62 pages from 1983-84, without illustrations or graphic design, plus an explanatory foreword. A more old-school product than that is hardly possible.

Go to Thriller’s DriveThruRPG page by clicking on the picture or on this link >>>

If you want the printed version of Thriller, it is sold at Amazon — link >>>


“Thriller”: Jag publicerar mitt första rollspel

Summary in English: An facsimile edition of my first Swedish RPG, called Thriller, is now available at Amazon.

Jag har publicerat, Thriller, mitt första rollspel på Amazon: köp spelet här — länk >>>

Thriller är ett actioninriktat agent/deckar/äventyrar-rollspel och det första spel som jag konstruerade själv. Under sommarlovet 1983 arbetade jag som ensam nattvakt på en fabrik i min hemstad Göteborg. Nätterna var sega och trista, så jag tog en skrivmaskin till vaktkuren och skrev Thriller under händelselösa timmar mellan patrullrundorna. Chefen godtog detta, eftersom skrivandet höll mig vaken.

Thrillers setting bygger på agentseriernas värld med hjältar som åker till exotiska platser för att rädda världen från exempelvis maktgalna diktatorer eller internationella brottslingar. Inspirationen kom från dåtida teveserier och serietidningar.

Under 1984 mekade jag vidare med Thriller samtidigt som jag slutförde mina universitetsstudier och skrev Traveller-artiklar åt Journal of Travellers’ Aid Society. Under det året expanderade jag Thriller med Äventyrens värld, en science-fiction-setting där äventyrarna utforskar Jordens parallella tidslinjer; alternativa världshistorier har ju alltid roat mig. Settingen beskrivs på bokens elva avslutande sidor.

Thriller är självklart oldschool – spelet skrevs ju under den epoken – med en BRP-regelmotor baserad på 1T20. Den här boken är en faksimilutgåva av originalmanuset som skrevs på mekaniska skrivmaskiner; sidorna innehåller därför bara skrivmaskinstext utan typografiska krusiduller eller illustrationer.

The Tiger’s First Illustration

Earlier I have mentioned that my adult daughter Elin (a.k.a. the Tiger) now works as an illustrator for some of my RPG ventures. We have formed Team Fox. Elin’s mundane occupation is as a student at an art & design school.

In Elin’s first project, I have asked for a simple comic-book look; here is a resulting watercolor of an adventurous journalist for the apocalyptic 1950s Australian setting “Oz Is Drowning”.

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