Sci-Fi! — here at last

I used to write plenty of role-playing games, but for various reasons there has been a hiatus of several years. But in 2014 I wrote the gritty space-opera RPG Sci-Fi! in Swedish and now Saga Games has published it. I got my writer’s copies from Tomas Arfert earlier today.

Sci-Fi! uses the old-school rules engine that Tomas created for his Fantasy! RPG. Two campaign settings are provided:

1. The New Era, the primary setting,  is based on 1960s space opera, such as the Jeff Hawke comic and Edmond Hamilton’s Star Wolf novels, but adapted to modern tastes in the spirit of Elizabeth Moon’s novels about interstellar trader Ky Vatta and the Firefly TV series. Space is vast, the interstellar alien Empire has recently collapsed, and several minor races, among them Homo Sapiens, now compete to survive in this New Era.

2. Red Sand is a pastiche of pulpish 1930s Mars adventures. Intrepid human adventurers explore a Mars-as-it-ought-to-be: an ancient planet with deserts, ruins, mysteries, and many alien races. There is a strong touch of Indiana Jones and Eric John Stark to this setting.