Podcast: Funderingar kring ång- och dieselpunk

Summary in English: A Swedish podcast about what is steam- and dieselpunk. My debut in podcasting.

Den gångna helgen var min dotter Elin och jag på Silwersteam, en steampunkkongress i Eskilstuna. Där blev vi ombedda att delta i Fandompodden #49 som tar en titt på företeelserna ångpunk och dieselpunk. Bland annat använder jag Miyazaki-filmerna Howl’s Moving Castle och Laputa som exempel på vad de två genrerna kan erbjuda, och förklarar varför jag gillar att författa dieseläventyr. Länk till podcasten >>>

Artist: Ian McQue


Walking the winding path of creativity

Already in third grade, I was a day-dreaming science fiction enthusiast, who made up my own fantastic stories. Forty-five years later, I am still like that: the dreams, the story-telling, the urge to go into the unknown to discover what lurks there.

Well, a Huffington Post article (link >>>) explains that these are common traits among highly creative individuals. So according to its list of eighteen characteristics, I am a fairly normal kind of SF/fantasy/RPG author.

And I have recently seen how one of my children has decided to join me along that winding path as a companion in arms. Together we explore the mountains and plateaus of the World’s Rimlands. Are we a jedi knight and a padawan on the path to self-realization? Bagheera and Mowgli? Lurgan Sahib and Kim? Regardless, I have found one of fatherhood’s unforeseen blessings.

Scroungetech Vehicle

In a post-apocalyptic environment, the ability to scrounge technology will be essential for survival. Some people do that already today. They will therefore fare well after the collapse of civilization, be it by war (as in Twilight 2000), by an alien invasion (as in Wastelands) or by a climate disaster.

A jugaadu, an Indian scrounge-tech vehicle based on a Maruti frame. (Click on picture for a bigger version.)