Sorgeveden: Nytt projekt kickstartar

Summary in English: A Kickstarter for my newest RPG project.

Helmgast och Krister Sundelin kör nu en Kickstarter för hans och mitt gemensamma projekt Sorgeveden, en kampanjskog till fantasyrollspelet Hjältarnas Tidlänk till Kickstartersidan >>>


Oriental Dieselpunk

This chap could be an adventurer in a Hongkongese action movie placed in the 1920s, a dapper Indiana Jones of the the Orient. Also, I could easily out him in my equally action-packed Ice War or Lemuria 1930s timelines. Unfortunately, I know little of Chinese script so I have no idea what the labeling says. The artist is also unknown.

“Hjältarnas Tid”: Projekt Sorgeveden

Summary in English: I am about to write a forest-based campaign book for the Swedish fantasy RPG Hjältarnas Tid (The Heroes’ Era).

Krister Sundelin — länk >>> — och jag har kommit överens om tillsammans utveckla kampanjboken Sorgeveden till hans fantasyrollspel Hjältarnas Tidlänk >>> .

I videoklippet nedan presenterar jag hurdan denna befolkade skogsregion är tänkt att bli. Sorgeveden publiceras av Helmgast och ska förhoppningsvis nå butikerna sommaren 2018.

Dieselstyle jet-glider

Artist Mike Doscher has made several great-looking pieces of dieselpunk art.

Here is a jet-glider in a German Luftstreitkräfte livery from 1918. It would easily find its place in any of my three dieselpunk worlds: Alba (i.e. The Ice War), Lemuria and Patchwork World. Also, it would not have been inappropriate in the recent movie about Wonder Woman in World War One.

Click on the picture for a larger version. I’ll introduce a few more of Mike’s paintings here at future occasions.

Wilderness toil in Lemuria

This picture, by Vladimir Kufeld, is a good depiction of wilderness life in the alternate 1930s continent Lemuria that was created many years ago by Krister Sundelin and myself in a dieselpunk worldbook for the Modern D20 role-playing game. The blue star and League of Nations text on the huge vehicle indicates the presence of a team from that organization’s Lemuria Commission. (Click on the picture to get a larger version.)

An interview about my dieselretro science fiction

Dieselpunks is a site dedicated to dieselretro art, music, literature and fandom. It has now published an interview with me, in which I talk about why and how I write diesel-flavored alternate history science fiction (e.g. The Ice War) and games (e.g. Lemuria) — link to interview >>>