The Burning Streets of Endor

A classic Star Wars event moved to a diesel-era setting, perhaps inspired by the uprisings in Warsaw 1944 and Budapest 1956. I also see a connection to the Lemuria dieselpunk setting that Krister Sundelin, Tomas Arfert and I created more than ten years ago.

Artist: Sergey Vasnev at ArtStation. Click on the picture for larger version.

Wilderness toil in Lemuria

This picture, by Vladimir Kufeld, is a good depiction of wilderness life in the alternate 1930s continent Lemuria that was created many years ago by Krister Sundelin and myself in a dieselpunk worldbook for the Modern D20 role-playing game. The blue star and League of Nations text on the huge vehicle indicates the presence of a team from that organization’s Lemuria Commission. (Click on the picture to get a larger version.)

“The Ice War”: Mercenaries on patrol in Alba’s wilderness

By chance I found this artwork by illustrator Ian McQue . In a precise manner it captures the mood of Alba, the frozen continent that serves as the backdrop for my dieselretro spy novel The Ice War. This scene could, for instance, show a Rhodes Inc “security squad” patrolling the wilderness near one of the corporation’s mines.

“Troop Carrier” by Ian McQue (click on pic for larger image)

An interview about my dieselretro science fiction

Dieselpunks is a site dedicated to dieselretro art, music, literature and fandom. It has now published an interview with me, in which I talk about why and how I write diesel-flavored alternate history science fiction (e.g. The Ice War) and games (e.g. Lemuria) — link to interview >>>