The Burning Streets of Endor

A classic Star Wars event moved to a diesel-era setting, perhaps inspired by the uprisings in Warsaw 1944 and Budapest 1956. I also see a connection to the Lemuria dieselpunk setting that Krister Sundelin, Tomas Arfert and I created more than ten years ago.

Artist: Sergey Vasnev at ArtStation. Click on the picture for larger version.

Wilderness toil in Lemuria

This picture, by Vladimir Kufeld, is a good depiction of wilderness life in the alternate 1930s continent Lemuria that was created many years ago by Krister Sundelin and myself in a dieselpunk worldbook for the Modern D20 role-playing game. The blue star and League of Nations text on the huge vehicle indicates the presence of a team from that organization’s Lemuria Commission. (Click on the picture to get a larger version.)

“The Ice War”: Mercenaries on patrol in Alba’s wilderness

By chance I found this artwork by illustrator Ian McQue . In a precise manner it captures the mood of Alba, the frozen continent that serves as the backdrop for my dieselretro spy novel The Ice War. This scene could, for instance, show a Rhodes Inc “security squad” patrolling the wilderness near one of the corporation’s mines.

“Troop Carrier” by Ian McQue (click on pic for larger image)