Podcast: Funderingar kring ång- och dieselpunk

Summary in English: A Swedish podcast about what is steam- and dieselpunk. My debut in podcasting.

Den gångna helgen var min dotter Elin och jag på Silwersteam, en steampunkkongress i Eskilstuna. Där blev vi ombedda att delta i Fandompodden #49 som tar en titt på företeelserna ångpunk och dieselpunk. Bland annat använder jag Miyazaki-filmerna Howl’s Moving Castle och Laputa som exempel på vad de två genrerna kan erbjuda, och förklarar varför jag gillar att författa dieseläventyr. Länk till podcasten >>>

Artist: Ian McQue


I am a great fan of the Studio Ghibli movies since many years and my particular favorite has always been Nausicaa of the Valley of the Winds: great post-apocalyptic world, good plot and a fantastic protagonist. Here she is in a pseudo-realistic rendition. Click on the picture for a larger version. (And here is the soundtrack — link >>> )


The blog in 2013

Life has been extremely hectic the last three months, both at home and at work. So the blog has been sadly neglected. Nor have I had any opportunity for writing science fiction because there has been no spare time.

However, now it is Christmas season in Sweden and I plan to watch The Hobbit and put my review of it here. Plus possibly also the new Goro Miyazaki movie which premiered in Sweden last week. .

In 2013, I intend to write more reviews on books old and new (and perhaps why old parsimonious stories still may be more enjoyable than new verbose ones).

Anyhow, right now ’tis the season to be jolly. Enjoy the Indian take on Christmas.