A cadaver world for the Sci-Fi! cosmos

Storium Colony by The Art of Saul at DeviantArt.

The New Era cosmos of the Swedish space opera RPG Sci-Fi! contains many cadaver worlds, i.e. planets that were so ruthlessly exploited by the fallen Zakharr Empire that their ecosystems perished. This is a good depiction of such a world.

Click on the picture for a larger version.

FM-spejare möter xenomorf (Sci-Fi!)

Summary in English: A diorama depicting a scene that fits the Swedish space opera RPG Sci-Fi!

När jag såg det här dioramat på Picasaweb så var min omedelbara reaktion: “Det där är ett äventyr i Sci-Fi!“, fast egentligen är det en scen ur Robert Heinleins 65 år gamla Venus-roman Between Planets.

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Första recensionen av rollspelet “Sci-Fi!”

Summary in English: The first review of my new space opera RPG Sci-Fi!
Signaturen Pax har recenserat Tomas Arferts och mitt nya rollspel Sci-Fi! på sajten rollspel.nu. Jodå, som spelets kosmosbyggare gläds jag åt ett omdöme som det här:

Är det här bra? Svaret på frågan är Ja! Med utropstecken som sig bör. Sci-Fi är det spel som jag själv, och många andra, saknade under den svenska rollspelshimlen på 80-talet. Ett svenskt science fiction spel med rymdskepp och främmande raser. Det hade platsat galant i våra spelgrupper då. […] Samtidigt förmedlar det en hel ny spelvärld som känns nostalgiskt retro och den ger många uppslag på idéer inför ett kampanjspelande.

Läs hela recensionen här — länk >>>

Original Artwork for the Sci-Fi! Game

The New Era setting of Tomas Arfert’s and my Swedish Sci-Fi! roleplaying game, published by Saga Games, depicts a gritty 23rd century: humanity, recently liberated after a long period of oppression by the alien Zakharr, has started to explore the ruins of the former masters’ interstellar empire. It collapsed some decades ago due to an extreme plague that was genetically tailored to kill only Zakharr — the origin of that illness is still unknown.

This post contains three pieces of original interior artwork by Felix Lindahl.

The emblem of the United Mankind (UM; Förenta Mänskligheten/FM in Swedish) is displayed at the top of the illustration below. The New Era’s UM is a federal state that comprises Earth and other celestial bodies in our solar system and that claims to be humanity’s main political representative in the Milky Way.

The Scout Corps serves UM’s eyes and ears among the stars. Among its operatives you find explorers, security experts, spaceship crewmen, spies, technicians and scientists, all trained to face alien dangers in grim places. The people under the emblem are three scouts escorting a UM diplomat in a protective suit.


A scout encounters a bandit in an extraterrestrial wilderness.

A UM umbralship (i.e. an interstellar spaceship) orbits an alien world. Her atmospheric shuttlecraft is about to descend to the plantary surface.

Artwork for Sci-Fi!

Saga Games has just published Sci-Fi!, a Swedish space opera role-playing game by Tomas Arfert (rules) and myself (two campaign universes).

By chance, I have found a web page with plenty of artwork appropriate for the game’s New Era cosmos, which takes place in a galactic arm with plenty of wonders for humans to discover. Check it out here (mainly the webpage’s right column of pictures):


Here is an example. (Click of the picture for a larger version.)

Sci-Fi! — here at last

I used to write plenty of role-playing games, but for various reasons there has been a hiatus of several years. But in 2014 I wrote the gritty space-opera RPG Sci-Fi! in Swedish and now Saga Games has published it. I got my writer’s copies from Tomas Arfert earlier today.

Sci-Fi! uses the old-school rules engine that Tomas created for his Fantasy! RPG. Two campaign settings are provided:

1. The New Era, the primary setting,  is based on 1960s space opera, such as the Jeff Hawke comic and Edmond Hamilton’s Star Wolf novels, but adapted to modern tastes in the spirit of Elizabeth Moon’s novels about interstellar trader Ky Vatta and the Firefly TV series. Space is vast, the interstellar alien Empire has recently collapsed, and several minor races, among them Homo Sapiens, now compete to survive in this New Era.

2. Red Sand is a pastiche of pulpish 1930s Mars adventures. Intrepid human adventurers explore a Mars-as-it-ought-to-be: an ancient planet with deserts, ruins, mysteries, and many alien races. There is a strong touch of Indiana Jones and Eric John Stark to this setting.


Diesel-era Skycraft


This diesel-style cockpit is a piece of concept art from the science fiction movie Iron Sky. It is also appropriate for the retro-pulp cosmos I have written for the brand new Swedish RPG Sci-Fi!, for instance in the spaceship Athena that transports the adventurers to an old-school Mars. (Click on the picture to get a larger version.)