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The Ice War

A spy novel in a dieselpunk alternate history. The Ice War is available as a paperback at Amazonclick here >>> –, and as an ebook at Amazon Kindleclick here >>>

Svenskar kan köpa The Ice War via Adlibris — länk >>>

A review of The Ice War on Amazon:

A good spy-thriller in an alternate world and history, set in 1940. Antarctica is replaced by the continent Alba where the story takes place. Giant diesel-driven juggernauts cross the ice-plains much like boats do the oceans. The protagonist is a secret agent from the resistance in europe, sent for a important mission of espionage of a factory far out in the wilderness. He soon finds himself involved in bigger things however, and also uncovers great mysteries of the natives of Alba and the continent itself. Indiana Jones meets Forsyth in a pure-to-its-letter diesel punk story. Highly recommended!

Patchwork World

A collection of dieselretro SF stories in English, taking place on the eponymous planet. The shortstories “Dust” and “The Road” are available in one e-book sold here >>>
Also, in 2015 “The Road” was published in the SF anthology Waiting for the Machines to Fall Asleep (sold here — >>>)

A review of the “Dust” and “The Road” ebook on Amazon:

The first story is good and the ending makes you want to know more about the world and its inhabitants. The second story is just amazingly good. Even though it’s obviously a complex world, the author tells just enough for the reader to grasp things and the story propels on. In a few pages I came to really like the main character and I want more! 🙂 Oh and the language is just brilliant. I had to look up a few words actually as English is not my first language but its easily done on a Kindle and I now got an expanded vocabulary


Kashmir’s Forgotten Guardians

In the early 1990s I wrote a non-fiction study of the UN observer mission in Kashmir. It is available as a paperback — sold here >>>