About my books

The Ice War: a spy novel in a dieselpunk alternate history
Published as a paperback at Amazon — here >>> –, and at Amazon Kindle — here >>>

Patchwork World: a collection of dieselretro SF stories in English, taking place on the eponymous planet.
The shortstories “Dust” and “The Road” are available in one e-book here — link >>>
Also, in 2015 “The Road” was published in the SF anthology
Waiting for the Machines to Fall Asleep (sold here — >>>)
In August 2016 I completed the novella
Dusk and Dawn and started writing the set’s final story, a novella tentatively named The Forest.

Kashmir’s Forgotten Guardians
In the early 1990s I wrote a non-fiction study of the UN observer mission in Kashmir. It is available as a paperback here >>>