About this blog

I have been a professional game designer and author for more than thirty years. At some occasion years ago I was asked to label my career and on the spot I made up the Swedish word drömsmed (“dream smith”), because I forge fantastic worlds for the readers’ enjoyment; also, our language welcomes such compound neologisms. When I created the blog, it therefore felt natural to name it The Dream Forge.

I blog about matters that are close to my heart: science fiction, fantasy, role-playing games, aerospace technology and astronomy. The Dream Forge therefore contains an eclectic mix of articles, reviews, links and pictures. The planet Mars and the works of JRR Tolkien are particularly prominent subjects.

I started blogging in Swedish, but I soon realized that many of the books and games that I discuss are of interest for foreigners, so I starting writing in English, too. The current policy: posts written in Swedish deal with purely domestic matters, such as games and books in that language or events taking place in Sweden. Everything else is in English, except for a few brief French posts.

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